Thursday, April 7, 2011

Even warmer! :D

So today was fun! :-)

It started with the good news that our mentor group won't have morning assembly anymore! Yaay! That means I can spend the 15 till 20 minutes that we're usually early for school chatting in the common room :)

English was fun as well. It's our last lesson for the holiday so we played a charades kind of game but then with poems and you had to explain the meaning of the poem ie by not speaking xD (was fun). And if you did your best you got a chocolate :3

After that I went to Design only to find our teacher not there. So I put up some music (no one else was there either, weird) and started painting my treasure chest. After a few min Charlie came in and told me that our teacher wasn't there. Martina came in a bit later and we managed to convince Charlie to let us go :)

So I ran to the bus! And went to town. After looking around a bit I went to the beach and walked around the pier. Then I met Rali in town (after two and a half hours when she was finally finished with school mwhahaha) and found a birthday present for her hostbrother.

Sitting at the sea was amazing btw it was soo warm and nice ^^ I want to do that often!

And I bought something at Mensworld. It's a bit of a joke but it was at discount and I've been looking at it for months >.< Here's a link. Click Meh!
And it's soo cool! it's just like it's alive :D It's fluttering around next to me atm ^^

When I got home.... I kinda dit nothing ^^"  I watched the movie Year One which is HILARIOUS. I seriously recommend it :)

I hope you all had a great day! ^^ Can't wait for summer!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today was a great day! :-)
First of all it was finally Sunny. It felt like summer today and I loved it.
Today didn’t start of that great. I woke up before
my alarm went off then turned it off and nearly fell asleep again only to have the snooze wake me up again T.T (interesting isn’t this?) Anyway the cerial was nearly empty so I decided to eat a yogurt as well 4 minutes before we had to leave. And Ingebjorg was right there next to me eating one calmly as well. Then it was a race of brushing teeth getting last minute stuff and hurrying into our coats.
When we arrived at the bus stop (early I might add. We always do that. We’re late and then we rush so much that we’re early). And we were dying of the heat.
It must have been something around 17C or 18C today. So that meant sunglasses and no jackets!  Today in my free period I sat with some friends on the football field (which is gigantic btw, seriously it took us about 4 minute to cross and there are a few hills and huge trees as well) and we sat in the sun and talked and listened to music ( I read in the novel I just started, Hush Hush).
In English we didn’t really do much except eat chocolate (chilli eewww) and candy because it’s our teachers last day at our school.
Art was a pain. My teacher was in a bad mood and she kept snapping at us. Plus she gave me a gigantic red list with things I have to improve in the holidays.
Oh did I tell you that? Next week is the start of my two week holiday. Which brings me to more good news!
I’m coming home!
Most of you probably already know but I’m coming home next Wednesday! :-) And I’ll be staying for a week. I can’t wait! (this, btw also helps with my good mood).
After school I hung out with Rali a bit who I hadn’t seen for THREE whole days. So sufficient to say we had a lot to catch up on.

And that was pretty much it. Back home I relaxed a bit and procrastinated some homework, watched some tv, read some manga and I’ve just watched Waterloo Road with my host family.

Now it’s time for bed! I hope I’ll see you all soon and sorry for not posting forever. I might make more of these random posts if I can remember. And if you find them interesting enough xD

Luv u!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hey everyone! :)

Sorry for not uploading anything for a while ^^"
But at least I still upload some vlogs from time to time!

I didn't do that much since last time I wrote... I think xD
Last week I went to a concert of 30 Seconds to Mars! It was absolutely amazing! We were standing at the side of the podium, at the front and were able to see all kinds of stars "backstage" while they were waiting for their turn to go on the stage! They were so close I could almost touch them! Shannon Leto, Tomo Milicevic and the drummer and guitarist of Enter Shikari! I saw them all so close :) Amazing!

                                Me at the concert with Chris and three other awesome people we met that night!
                                      I don't have that much actual photo's of the concert ^^" just vids...

And the day after that--after having absolutely zero sleep all night--mum, dad and Tim came! :) I stayed with them all weekend in a holiday home not far from my home here in Eastbourne ^^ I had so much fun! And it was so great seeing them again!!! :3
We went into Eastbourne and Brighton and around the area a bit! Tim & I were planning on filming a vlog together but were so busy that we kinda forgot.... Oh well!

Last week Eastbourne has been covered in a thick layer of snow! :)
And I've had snow free since last wednesday!! Yaay no school!
So of course I've had a week of hot chocolate, warm blankets and gloves. Snowball fights in the dark!
And much more!
Yesterday we went up to the hills near Beachy Head and spend our afternoon sledging! We also walked through knee-deep snow towards a little pub in the middle of nowhere to get warm and drink some hot chocolate.

                                                    Even the little harbour was completely covered :)
                                                                 Suzy, Ingebjorg and Alex.
                                                          Up on the hills :) It was really pretty.
                                     I might upload some more photo's... but right now my internet is really slow :/ 

And then this morning I woke up to see all the snow gone.... sigh... Guess I'll have school again on Monday!
How are you all doing?

Xx Noortje

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hi guys!

I just uploaded my first vlog ever!!!
..... and you can hardly understand me in the vid cause I have a terrible cold.
So I sound look and feel terrible in that vid.

Yaaaaaay! :)

But anyway hope you like it. I didn't really say anything new that I did ... but I uploaded some vids that I've shot in the first week I was in Eastbourne.

More will come ^^

Here's the link:

Love you guys!

Xx Noortje

Monday, September 20, 2010

Blacklands Farm

Hi everyone!

How are you all? School boring you to death already? :3
Sorry I haven't posted anything but my laptop was kinda...dead. With a virus.
Luckily the awesome IT people from school cured it! :D It's a miracle!!

So last wednesday we went to BlackLands Farm, for a team building day.
I wasn't really looking forward to it, because I was dead tired.
And when we came there the first activity our group had to do was....
... kayaking.

We went to this huge beautiful lake, and there was quite a lot of wind, plus the water looked really really deep and cold.
Needless to say: I was scared to death.

Still I didn't want to sit on the side together with some other girls :) So I tried not to think to much and just went with it lol
And when I was on the water it was AMAZING...... ly scary.
haha no it was great fun and I'm soo glad I tried it. I just loved going over that water, and there were beautiful hills surrounding it.
And I got wet, but didn't tip over! :) Kept going in circles in the beginning though, lol.

After that we were climbling walls .... I sucked at it.
End of story.

Then we had a bbq which was ok, but not great (Charlies kooking skills aren't that great lol)
And after that our last activity: Going in the tunnels. Which were small, muddy and completely dark. Plus because I was a bit to big (english people are small O.o the ones in my class anyway, I felt like a giant) I would have to do the soldier crawl across. .... and I'm a bit claustrophobic.
So no thank you.

So instead I did some sort of course on the next field, where you had to keep balance with ropes and stuff. It was pretty cool.

So that was my exciting BlackLands day :P
The day after I only had school till 12 so I did some homework and even washed my clothes! And nothing came out pink! (OMG)

This Saturday I had a date (Yes an actual date) and we went to the seafront and walked around the beach, towards the cliffs and then went into town :) It was fun.

And today I had a headache, stomachache, was tired and felt sick... so yeah good day (not)
And I took the wrong bus because I was lazy and didn't want to wait 10 minutes more in the cold.... and just for the heck of it all---I took an over an hour drive by the bus.
So I was more than half an hour later lol

So yeah that was pretty much everything that has happened since. :)
I hope I'll feel better tomorrow >.< Otherwise it is gonna be a looooong day.

Now I'm just gonna lie on the couch watching tv. Haha homework can wait till tomorrow.... Right?

Luv u all!



Friday, September 10, 2010


Hoi iedereen!
m'n eerste week van school zit er op!
lol just felt like talking Dutch a bit :)

So yeah I just had my first week of school--and it's finally weekend!
So far it has been great even though I have to get up at 7 every morning. (Yeah for me that's early.... but some of you are probably jealous :P)
And I have to spend about 30 minutes in the bus to and from school.

So Art is great. It's really challenging but great fun. And we learn to push ourselves and loosen up a little at the same time. Today for instance we painted by putting paper on the ground and taking a long stick with a brush attached to it. And then we had to paint like that, so that the lines would get messy.

Design is a bit like art but you're more free to do what you want. And you work more with other materials then just pencils etc. Right now we're working or creating our own mobile (the thing you hang on the ceiling and use mostly for kids, not the cell phone :P)

I've also got English literature which is great. Both of my teachers are really nice and enthusiastic about their work and books in general :)

I probably can't take drama because we leave to early or something... but I'll talk that over with Charlie (our mentor) some more.

Okay so school has been great, I don't have that many long days and I've made a couple of friends. One of them is in a band and I'll probably go see his band practice on Sunday.

Ooh and somehow I ended up in the student council?? I'm not sure how that happened haha. But I'll just see if it's fun and if I don't like it I'll quit. But who knows? It may be a great way to make friends.

So how are you all? Has everyone started school yet? Tell me how it went or email me!! :D I wanna know!

I really miss you guys & have fun at school!

Xx Noortje

PS. Tomorrow I'm going to join a gym! Got to stay a bit healthy here :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hi everyone!
How is Holland? :DYesterday (Saturday) I went to London with a group of EF students that also stay in Eastbourne.It was really great! First we went with our ef-guide to some common sight seeing places such as the Big Ben and houses of parlements nr 10. Downing Street etc. :)
Then we went our seperate ways and I together with four other exchange students went to star bucks to eat (lol) and then went to Oxford Street, just because it is a famous shopping street.
After spending about half an hour at TopShop we went with the underground to King's Cross station (omg HP!!), after that we visited the tower of london.
Here are the photo's! :)
The Eye of London! This was the first thing we saw when we came from Victoria Station, and then first the underground xD.The Big Ben!! Even though some of it was under construction, it was still great to see it again :)

It's King's Cross station!! Looking very un-Harry Potter like. Mostly because it was being restored (is that how you say it? It was under construction) so we couldn't see most of it....
YES. It was really there! :D Platform 9 3/4 !!!
We went there like a bunch of excited 11 year olds taking pictures and asking people to take a picture of all of us together (Ingebjorg has that one, I'll post it later) It was really amazing :D And look I'm going through the wall with the trolley! ^^
Another one of me! :) Don't I just look like I'm going off to wizard school? It was really great cause we were all talking in HP style referring to the others as muggles and wondering around, trying to find this. Eventually we went up to one of the staff and wen't like: "Excuse me miss, do you know where we can find platform 9 3/4?" It was so much fun xD
Then we went to the tower of london and even bought a ticket to go inside! Here you could try on one of the helmets which was too big and a bit heavy. Btw sorry for the bad quality. They're better on my pc... except for this one, it was a bit blurry :(

This was the hidden gate where condemned prisoners sometimes were brought in with little boats...

Of course we simply had to visit the Bloody Tower!! (mwhahaha) And this is one of the torture devices you could see there ( De pijnbank! :D) it was pretty gastly, especially the text next to all the torture stuff, explaining how it worked in detail....
It was supposed to be haunted btw and there was this great screan where you saw a prisoner in his cell, acting real scared, praying to god and stuff like that. Cause people were haunting him. And we were the people! If you stood in front of it you saw yourself on the screen, transparent, haunting the poor man!

The tower of London!! :D
We also passed the white tower (where the two young sons of the king were found murdered) and went to see the crown jewels! :)

Lastly we made a photo with these nice people all in middle age cosplay :D
And the guy in the middle, that I'm standing next to was actual a real security guard xD they were all dressed up like that :P

After that we went back to victoria station (we used the underground like, a million times. luckily we had a day card). Speaking of the underground. The most stupidest thing we did that day:

We saw a sign that said "subway" on the other side of the street. We thought it was weird but we needed an underground so we crossed the street and went down. We then went through a tunnel.... and went up... ending exactly at the point where we started at the other side of the street.
It was literaly a sub ... way. A way to go under the ground so you didn't have to wait for the lights.... lol? xD

That was what I did yesterday :) And I was dead tired. Today we woke up at about... half past 10 and I did nothing but read until we went to the shops here around half past two. They are all open un sunday until 4!

So yeah, how are you guys? Tomorrow school starts O.o
Not looking forward to that xD

I'll talk to you later and keep you updated!!

Xx Noortje