Thursday, April 7, 2011

Even warmer! :D

So today was fun! :-)

It started with the good news that our mentor group won't have morning assembly anymore! Yaay! That means I can spend the 15 till 20 minutes that we're usually early for school chatting in the common room :)

English was fun as well. It's our last lesson for the holiday so we played a charades kind of game but then with poems and you had to explain the meaning of the poem ie by not speaking xD (was fun). And if you did your best you got a chocolate :3

After that I went to Design only to find our teacher not there. So I put up some music (no one else was there either, weird) and started painting my treasure chest. After a few min Charlie came in and told me that our teacher wasn't there. Martina came in a bit later and we managed to convince Charlie to let us go :)

So I ran to the bus! And went to town. After looking around a bit I went to the beach and walked around the pier. Then I met Rali in town (after two and a half hours when she was finally finished with school mwhahaha) and found a birthday present for her hostbrother.

Sitting at the sea was amazing btw it was soo warm and nice ^^ I want to do that often!

And I bought something at Mensworld. It's a bit of a joke but it was at discount and I've been looking at it for months >.< Here's a link. Click Meh!
And it's soo cool! it's just like it's alive :D It's fluttering around next to me atm ^^

When I got home.... I kinda dit nothing ^^"  I watched the movie Year One which is HILARIOUS. I seriously recommend it :)

I hope you all had a great day! ^^ Can't wait for summer!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today was a great day! :-)
First of all it was finally Sunny. It felt like summer today and I loved it.
Today didn’t start of that great. I woke up before
my alarm went off then turned it off and nearly fell asleep again only to have the snooze wake me up again T.T (interesting isn’t this?) Anyway the cerial was nearly empty so I decided to eat a yogurt as well 4 minutes before we had to leave. And Ingebjorg was right there next to me eating one calmly as well. Then it was a race of brushing teeth getting last minute stuff and hurrying into our coats.
When we arrived at the bus stop (early I might add. We always do that. We’re late and then we rush so much that we’re early). And we were dying of the heat.
It must have been something around 17C or 18C today. So that meant sunglasses and no jackets!  Today in my free period I sat with some friends on the football field (which is gigantic btw, seriously it took us about 4 minute to cross and there are a few hills and huge trees as well) and we sat in the sun and talked and listened to music ( I read in the novel I just started, Hush Hush).
In English we didn’t really do much except eat chocolate (chilli eewww) and candy because it’s our teachers last day at our school.
Art was a pain. My teacher was in a bad mood and she kept snapping at us. Plus she gave me a gigantic red list with things I have to improve in the holidays.
Oh did I tell you that? Next week is the start of my two week holiday. Which brings me to more good news!
I’m coming home!
Most of you probably already know but I’m coming home next Wednesday! :-) And I’ll be staying for a week. I can’t wait! (this, btw also helps with my good mood).
After school I hung out with Rali a bit who I hadn’t seen for THREE whole days. So sufficient to say we had a lot to catch up on.

And that was pretty much it. Back home I relaxed a bit and procrastinated some homework, watched some tv, read some manga and I’ve just watched Waterloo Road with my host family.

Now it’s time for bed! I hope I’ll see you all soon and sorry for not posting forever. I might make more of these random posts if I can remember. And if you find them interesting enough xD

Luv u!