Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hi everyone!
How is Holland? :DYesterday (Saturday) I went to London with a group of EF students that also stay in Eastbourne.It was really great! First we went with our ef-guide to some common sight seeing places such as the Big Ben and houses of parlements nr 10. Downing Street etc. :)
Then we went our seperate ways and I together with four other exchange students went to star bucks to eat (lol) and then went to Oxford Street, just because it is a famous shopping street.
After spending about half an hour at TopShop we went with the underground to King's Cross station (omg HP!!), after that we visited the tower of london.
Here are the photo's! :)
The Eye of London! This was the first thing we saw when we came from Victoria Station, and then first the underground xD.The Big Ben!! Even though some of it was under construction, it was still great to see it again :)

It's King's Cross station!! Looking very un-Harry Potter like. Mostly because it was being restored (is that how you say it? It was under construction) so we couldn't see most of it....
YES. It was really there! :D Platform 9 3/4 !!!
We went there like a bunch of excited 11 year olds taking pictures and asking people to take a picture of all of us together (Ingebjorg has that one, I'll post it later) It was really amazing :D And look I'm going through the wall with the trolley! ^^
Another one of me! :) Don't I just look like I'm going off to wizard school? It was really great cause we were all talking in HP style referring to the others as muggles and wondering around, trying to find this. Eventually we went up to one of the staff and wen't like: "Excuse me miss, do you know where we can find platform 9 3/4?" It was so much fun xD
Then we went to the tower of london and even bought a ticket to go inside! Here you could try on one of the helmets which was too big and a bit heavy. Btw sorry for the bad quality. They're better on my pc... except for this one, it was a bit blurry :(

This was the hidden gate where condemned prisoners sometimes were brought in with little boats...

Of course we simply had to visit the Bloody Tower!! (mwhahaha) And this is one of the torture devices you could see there ( De pijnbank! :D) it was pretty gastly, especially the text next to all the torture stuff, explaining how it worked in detail....
It was supposed to be haunted btw and there was this great screan where you saw a prisoner in his cell, acting real scared, praying to god and stuff like that. Cause people were haunting him. And we were the people! If you stood in front of it you saw yourself on the screen, transparent, haunting the poor man!

The tower of London!! :D
We also passed the white tower (where the two young sons of the king were found murdered) and went to see the crown jewels! :)

Lastly we made a photo with these nice people all in middle age cosplay :D
And the guy in the middle, that I'm standing next to was actual a real security guard xD they were all dressed up like that :P

After that we went back to victoria station (we used the underground like, a million times. luckily we had a day card). Speaking of the underground. The most stupidest thing we did that day:

We saw a sign that said "subway" on the other side of the street. We thought it was weird but we needed an underground so we crossed the street and went down. We then went through a tunnel.... and went up... ending exactly at the point where we started at the other side of the street.
It was literaly a sub ... way. A way to go under the ground so you didn't have to wait for the lights.... lol? xD

That was what I did yesterday :) And I was dead tired. Today we woke up at about... half past 10 and I did nothing but read until we went to the shops here around half past two. They are all open un sunday until 4!

So yeah, how are you guys? Tomorrow school starts O.o
Not looking forward to that xD

I'll talk to you later and keep you updated!!

Xx Noortje


  1. Hey Noortje!

    Sounds like you had a load of fun :D
    Today was my first day of school again :O
    It was like I never left XD
    The new building is HUGE by the way :O
    But I do miss the old buildings :( Oh well..
    Anyhow! Keep us posted on what you are doing and please try to e-mail me more XD



  2. I am so.. JEALOUS!! Echt vet cool allemaal, joh! Ik hoop echt dat 't lukt en dat 'k ook ga.. voor Kerst.. naar London, dus xD :( Anyway.. ik heb dus twee dagen gehad .. echt OP ben 'k.. vandaag van 10 tot kwart over 5.. waarbij ik 06:15 m'n bed uitging.. echt niet leuk :/ Maar.. vakken zijn wel leuk, huiswerk niet.. tot nu toe..zegt niet zoveel XD En bij jou? :P Ik praat nu met je op MSN, maar goed xD
    Keep posting! And.. we moeten nog 'n adres van je krijgen, volgens mij :o


  3. hahahaha wouw wat enorm gaaf dat je op King's Cross was! .. ik heb 't toen wel gezien en voorbij gereden enzo maar ben dr niet geweest xD haha echt cool No XD
    dus.. ondertussen zit je alweer 2 dagen op school! Hoe is 't daar?? I wonder.. :P


    ps: sorry voor 't korte bericht maar heb vandaag echt een lange dag achter de rug :P (boeken halen en 1ejaarscollege en rondleidingen etc etc etc :S .. wel interessant maar.. vermoeiend na zo'n lange vakantie!!)