Monday, September 20, 2010

Blacklands Farm

Hi everyone!

How are you all? School boring you to death already? :3
Sorry I haven't posted anything but my laptop was kinda...dead. With a virus.
Luckily the awesome IT people from school cured it! :D It's a miracle!!

So last wednesday we went to BlackLands Farm, for a team building day.
I wasn't really looking forward to it, because I was dead tired.
And when we came there the first activity our group had to do was....
... kayaking.

We went to this huge beautiful lake, and there was quite a lot of wind, plus the water looked really really deep and cold.
Needless to say: I was scared to death.

Still I didn't want to sit on the side together with some other girls :) So I tried not to think to much and just went with it lol
And when I was on the water it was AMAZING...... ly scary.
haha no it was great fun and I'm soo glad I tried it. I just loved going over that water, and there were beautiful hills surrounding it.
And I got wet, but didn't tip over! :) Kept going in circles in the beginning though, lol.

After that we were climbling walls .... I sucked at it.
End of story.

Then we had a bbq which was ok, but not great (Charlies kooking skills aren't that great lol)
And after that our last activity: Going in the tunnels. Which were small, muddy and completely dark. Plus because I was a bit to big (english people are small O.o the ones in my class anyway, I felt like a giant) I would have to do the soldier crawl across. .... and I'm a bit claustrophobic.
So no thank you.

So instead I did some sort of course on the next field, where you had to keep balance with ropes and stuff. It was pretty cool.

So that was my exciting BlackLands day :P
The day after I only had school till 12 so I did some homework and even washed my clothes! And nothing came out pink! (OMG)

This Saturday I had a date (Yes an actual date) and we went to the seafront and walked around the beach, towards the cliffs and then went into town :) It was fun.

And today I had a headache, stomachache, was tired and felt sick... so yeah good day (not)
And I took the wrong bus because I was lazy and didn't want to wait 10 minutes more in the cold.... and just for the heck of it all---I took an over an hour drive by the bus.
So I was more than half an hour later lol

So yeah that was pretty much everything that has happened since. :)
I hope I'll feel better tomorrow >.< Otherwise it is gonna be a looooong day.

Now I'm just gonna lie on the couch watching tv. Haha homework can wait till tomorrow.... Right?

Luv u all!




  1. Lol :P Sounds like you've been busy!
    Although I already knew most of this stuff XD
    And now we finaly have a date set to maybe come visit you :D Yaay!


  2. NO!
    Vet cool! :D .. je had al wat verteld in mail, die ik nog niet had beantwoord.. sorry :( .. maar erm.. ik had groeten gedaan aan Slinger xD .. en erm.. hij denkt dat je an't studeren bent -.-' . mr kon niet zgn dat je in Engeland zit, omdat toen iemand anders wat vroeg ofzo xD .. dus was beetje vaag.. Newayz..
    A date.. like.. a date-date? Met wie?! Tell me!!!!! Stuur anders mail ofzo!! ZEG! :o :o ..
    .xx. Tabea! .. MY and LY! [L] ..

  3. Hi!

    Cool! Kajakken :o Raar woord, maar volgens google schrijf je 't zo.. ofzo xD Maar erm.. doe je dat in je eentje ofzo? Best wel eng, ja :P Maar 't lijkt me echt ontzettend gaaf :o
    Haha, op zo'n klimmuur? :P Da's ook cool [h] Ik durfde toen niet naar beneden [a]
    Zijn die mensen ook niet jonger dan jou? :o Maar.. veel leuker teambuilding als wat wij doen hier .. o.O
    Moet je zelf wassen? :o Haha xD
    Tell me all about the date :o Ook in 'n mail ofzo :P Wil't ook weten [a]
    Ik voel me nu ook vet beroerd :S Hoop niet dat 'k ziek word -.-" En 'k moet zo rijden, dus dat wordt wat xD
    Ook te laat op school, of viel 't mee? :P

    Sometimes it can.. xD

    xxx Josanne

  4. wooooooooooott :D een date :D what's his name, describe him!
    hahaha what did you guys do that made you ill? XD
    Mijn hemel, ik begrijp niet dat ik dit niet eerder heb gelezen, god I'm curious! XD mail mail mail the full story!!! :D:D
    oh hey.. you just did! thnxz XD :D:D

    miss you!


  5. Hahaha, iedereen vet benieuwd daarnaar! ^^ xD ..