Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hey everyone! :)

Sorry for not uploading anything for a while ^^"
But at least I still upload some vlogs from time to time!

I didn't do that much since last time I wrote... I think xD
Last week I went to a concert of 30 Seconds to Mars! It was absolutely amazing! We were standing at the side of the podium, at the front and were able to see all kinds of stars "backstage" while they were waiting for their turn to go on the stage! They were so close I could almost touch them! Shannon Leto, Tomo Milicevic and the drummer and guitarist of Enter Shikari! I saw them all so close :) Amazing!

                                Me at the concert with Chris and three other awesome people we met that night!
                                      I don't have that much actual photo's of the concert ^^" just vids...

And the day after that--after having absolutely zero sleep all night--mum, dad and Tim came! :) I stayed with them all weekend in a holiday home not far from my home here in Eastbourne ^^ I had so much fun! And it was so great seeing them again!!! :3
We went into Eastbourne and Brighton and around the area a bit! Tim & I were planning on filming a vlog together but were so busy that we kinda forgot.... Oh well!

Last week Eastbourne has been covered in a thick layer of snow! :)
And I've had snow free since last wednesday!! Yaay no school!
So of course I've had a week of hot chocolate, warm blankets and gloves. Snowball fights in the dark!
And much more!
Yesterday we went up to the hills near Beachy Head and spend our afternoon sledging! We also walked through knee-deep snow towards a little pub in the middle of nowhere to get warm and drink some hot chocolate.

                                                    Even the little harbour was completely covered :)
                                                                 Suzy, Ingebjorg and Alex.
                                                          Up on the hills :) It was really pretty.
                                     I might upload some more photo's... but right now my internet is really slow :/ 

And then this morning I woke up to see all the snow gone.... sigh... Guess I'll have school again on Monday!
How are you all doing?

Xx Noortje


  1. Unbelievable! Is it raining there, too? I woke up this morning and our snow was just RUINED. Zo stom :/ Mr goed, misschien maar even beter voor 't vervoer en alles.. OV xD
    It looks wonderful! Hopelijk gaat 't met Kerst.. (pas óp Kerst, want daarvoor heb 'k tentamens XD) weer sneeuwen!
    Aah en die band! xD Mr ik dacht altijd dat 'ie Jared Leto heette :o Of is dat 'n sibling ofzo? :P
    Mr erm.. ga je mail beantwoorden!


  2. Shannon is z'n broer :P en de ... drummer? geloof ik xD
    En jah het heeft ook mega veel geregend :( alle sneeuw weer weg... sigh...
    Dus vandaag heb ik school T.T Balen.
    En al die tijd geen hw gemaakt [a] haha

    Jah op kerst mag het sneeuwen! :D maar ervoor niet anders zijn hier de vliegvelden dicht >.<
    Ik beantwoord je mail vanmiddag! :D heb hem wel al gelezen haha :P maar moet er tijd voor nemen om te antwoorden lol xD