Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hi everyone!

How have you all been?
I've done a lot the last couple of days, mostly I've just been exploring eastbourne a bit. We also went to Hailsham collage to chose our subjects.
The school is pretty old and pretty big, so that's going to be fun on monday, finding my classes.
I took Art, Drama (Yes!), Design and English Literature.
Mostly we've just been around the harbours and have gone to ASDA several times (and somehow always end up at the same cassier). But today we went to the town centre, and they really have a lot of shops there, including Waterstones, HMV and claire's! :)
We didn't really buy anything except for some candy. (they have a great candy shop over there.)
I thought I'd finally (try to) put up some photo's. I don't have that many but here they are! :3

This is at the airport with all the other Holland EF students. We had a really great flight and here we were wondering where to go next, and all calling home that the plane didn't crash :)
This was the airport. It was quite pretty ^^
Me and Eva waiting for the coach to arrive so we could all go to camp.
This is Ingebjorg. We were standing on a real live life-boat. We were giving the small tour and later that day we saw the same boat going out to see to... probably safe someone. It was going towards a small fishersboat.
One of the many harbours. Taken from the life-boat ^^

Morris dancing!! It was fun to watch but they really looked rediculous. I filmed it as well and I'll try and see if I can post that .... one day xD
When we went to Hailsham Collage we had about 20 minutes left until we had to catch the bus. So we went to Tesco's and bought this cake.... :) And then we ate it. Funny story, we were trying to buy plastic forks and knifes etc. and the lady at the kassa told us we couldn't buy it! Because you actually had to be 18 to be able to buy it. And I couldn't because I "was with them". So I had to go back and get it alone and go to another kassa to buy them. And he didn't even ask for an ID.... So weird.

.......... yeah............ we killed it xD
And it tasted really bad--for a cake. So we dumped the rest of it :p But it was fun!

And this is Tish! She was acting really mental but I couldn't take a picture of it, I was too late. She does look evil though xD

Well I'll talk to you guys later! :)



  1. Wow you have been up to a lot :O
    Why not.. you know.. make a Vlog out of it (A)?

    Why the heck do you have to be 18 to buy a plastic fork? Are they affraid you'll stab someone to death with it when you are 17 years old? :S

    That cat looks awesome :O and evil XD

  2. Hi!

    Inderdaad.. je kunt net zo goed iemand """doden""" als je ouder bent.. maar dan ben je zeker verantwoordelijker.. wat 'n crap xD Anyway, grappig om te lezen.. maar erm.. 'kassa'..? [a]
    De cake is zielig xD.. en de kat is schattig :D
    Maar.. je had je vakken toch al gekozen? :o Ik dacht dat je ook iets van erm.. wat was 't.. sociology zei ofzo? Maar goed :P Wel weinig vakken.. :o Zal 'k je 'n foto sturen van m'n boeken, trouwens? xD Het zijn er niet eens zoveel, maar goed :P Ook English Literature enzo :P

    You go and have more fun! And good luck with school :) Oh trouwens.. verzin eens 'n nickname voor me voor op twitter xD Mijne zijn al bezet :(


  3. Jokipoki!! :D Cool nickname huh?

    Jaah ik wist ff geen ander word dan kassa xD wat is het engelse woord daar voor? :S

    I know right? xD Dat van 18 zijn sloeg nergens op :P
    Jaaah ik had eerst sociology maar dat heb ik omgeruild voor drama :P

    Het zijn weinig vakken maar met veel diepte :P het is namelijk een tussenstap van HS en Uni :P
    Soort van...Het is niet verplicht :P

    Jij ook good luck!!

    En Tim ik probeer het xD


  4. Die doe 'k niet XD

    Ehm.. [h] Cash, zegt 'ie o.O
    Ooh :P Kon dat nog? :o

    Is't dan geen high school.. maar college? Want.. da's best lullig, dan vind ik 't raar dat ze moeilijk doen over leeftijd :o
    Wat is niet verplicht? xD

    Thank :)


  5. well you should :O

    hangen er niet over bordjes boven de kassa's waar groot op staat hoe het heet in het engels? :P
    Zeker in de wat grotere winkels moet dat er toch zijn :P
    De kassa zelf is een cash register.. maybe is het gewoon kassa? :S
    Ik weet het niet XD

  6. @ Jo: Het is iig niet Cash xD En het is een soort van tussen stap denk ik :S en de 6th form is niet verplicht :P Het jaar wat ik doe dus...

    @Tim: vast wel maar als ik kon herringeren wat daar op stond wist ik ook wat ik moest schrijven :P

  7. Ik vond 't ook al vreemd.. maar dat zei die site, dus ;)
    Van Dale: Pay desk, box office.. maar op de kermis zie 'k wel 'ns pay box o.O

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  9. de kassa (om te betalen): in de VS noemen we dat 'the checkout counter.' Dezelfde in Engeland, geloof ik ook.

    Hoe noem je het balkje dat je boodschappen bij de kassa scheidt van de boodschappen van je voorganger?
    What do you call the bar at the checkout counter that separates your groceries from the groceries of the person ahead of (or behind) you?

    Ik wist niet dat het een naam had, maar het is een 'beurtbalkje.' Ik weet echt helemaal niet hoe we dat noemen in het Engels. divider, partition of zoiets.