Monday, August 30, 2010

I love ASDA

So today was a fun day as well!
We woke up at around nine and then had a very tasty breakfast of a bacon and egg hamburger.
And yes I actually liked it xD

After that Anna's parents came over and we went for a walk around the harbour.
There is a fair there and we went to see the stalls and there were some traditional English dancers which was real fun.
It was called Morris dances and I filmed some of it :) so if I can ever manage to get a vid online I can show it to you.
We also went on a life guard boat and walked by a big inflatable pool where you could try on diving gear and dive for fun xD But we didn't try that.

After that we went for a walk by the sea. When we got home we ate some tosti's!! :3
And Ingebjorg and I decided to go to ASDA and shop!
And it's REALLY huge. We spend about and hour there and we rushed ourselves xD
We're going back tomorrow and everything is sooo cheap. It's unbelievable.
We're thinking about going shopping for clothes there around 2 in the morning one day :P
So yeah these are two posts but that's cause I couldn't post anything yesterday.
I'm on the family pc right now.
I'll talk to you all later!
Xx Noortje


  1. wouw No, I really envy you xD .. it just sounds so great! :O doing and seeing all that..:D And I'm so glad for u that ur having fun :D .. and yea, I guess I'll be talking English then too, dan maar :P ;) to help a bit XD not that you need it that much ;) :P I hope you enjoy ur last week of freedom (:P) and good luck next week in school!! :D .. and have fun of course xD .. Is Ingebjorg going to be in ur class too? or don't ya know yet? Well.. since I'm gonna be 'free' 'till the 13th, I guess I'll probably post some more this, and/or next week :P ..
    Have fuuunnn!! :D

    xx Edie

  2. Hey Noortje!

    Sounds awesome :O
    I can't help but wonder what an ASDA is?
    (maybe I'm just stupid..)
    Did you see my latest Vlog by the way? If so: leave a comment!! :O .. on the video :P
    Keep the posts coming because the parentös and I really enjoy reading about the stuff you do there :) And hopefully we can see the English people dance soon! :P


  3. Why don't we have these kinds of stores around here? :/ Anyway.. got new cables yet? [a] And I thought you'd be shoppig with the entire family :o Ah well, was it fun? Did you spend all your pocket money? xD

    xxx Jo

  4. By the way.. (can't I edit my previous comment? o.O)
    Is this it?,default,sc.html

    .. hehe xD

  5. @Josanne: no I don't have new cables yet. I think that might take a while ..... but it's working a bit.. and I'll use their pc or Ingebjorgs to upload a vid... I hope :)

    No I didn't go shopping with the entire fam. Just Ingebjorg. And I still have pocketmoney left :P ik heb wel Gossipgirl 1&2 gekocht (A) of had ik dat al gezegt? oop Dutch xD

    Ooh yeah that's ASDA! :D


  6. @ Edie: Thank you!!!
    No we're not in the same classes because she had to choose the same classes she has at home. We went to Hailsham yesterday to chose our subjects. I'll post another post and tell you which ones I took (A)

    @Tim: I told you!! It's like wallmart. You know, a big store where you can buy food, clothes, toys, dvd's, etc, etc. :P


  7. Cool! Are you enjoying your time in England then? ;)
    Its weird because as I live in England, ASDAS just a part of my 'life' (weell, where I go food shopping) and I find it a little boring... but wallmart- I really wanna go to that store! Odd eh? :D
    Hope you have a good old time in England!

    (Oh yeah, its me, Katkin, but I've changed over accounts!)