Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm in England

So I finally arrived at my home in England!
It has been real fun and not at all like I expected....
(By the way I'm writing inEnglish because it's easier and it help me get used to it!)
First we arrived at the airport in Amstardam. And I was absolutely frightened to death that I would have to fly alone and everything.
But there stood 8 other EF students who were flying with me.

And it was great fun right away! They were so great to hang out with (and a little crazy too, which of course I liked)
Getting to our gate was no problem... well it was areally long walk and our bags were so heavy. But we found our way pretty easily.
When we were at our gate we went through customs and they had to scan our laptops seperately. So some of us had to unpack their suitcases to get them... so weird.
The plane was really small and we were certain that the pilot was drunk. (kidding) The aircraft squng around so much at the beginning! But he sobered up.
We were all sitting behind each other and Joon (one of the boys) was next to me across the aisle, so we could all sit and talk to each other.
It was so fun; the entire plane was silent and we were talking away really, really loud :P
Then we arrived at the airport in london, found our suitcases and then had to wait a long time for the others to arrive. Then we all went with the coach (the bus) and picked up some other students before going to camp.
Camp was great. Though the staff didn't give us any information and the food would have been good if it wasn't so cold (and we had to walk a freakishly long way before we got to the place where we ate).

We all had our own rooms and after resting and eating a late lunch (around four-ish) I went outside to find some of the Dutchies :)
Then we talked and had fun and probably convinced the entire camp that we were cray. We also met up with two Norwegian girls who were great. One of them was a Pinguin Demon who stole your sanity xD
We stayed up chatting with each other till around half past 11.
Then I got home and tried to get some sleep after setting two alarms 'cause I was afraid I wouldn't get up in time.
I got up at 7:20.....
I had to get up around 8:15 and still would have had plenty of time.....
So yeah there was nothing to worry about there.
Before we went to the coach to go to Eastbourne, I met Ingebjorg, my host sister and EF student from Norway.
We're really having fun here and the family is so nice. We just went for a walk around the harbour (ok that was yesterday, but I wanted to post this yesterday :P) and it's great here. There are a lot of shops nearby and a huge 24 hour store. :) (kind of like a wallmarkt( and a cinema. And in the town centre there are more shops but it's about a 45 minutes' walk.
So that was about it :) I'll post some more photo's soon if I can :( I'm not sure if the internet is good enough.

How are you guys doing? Tell me! :3
And good luck with school and everything!

Lots of love & kisses!
Xx Noortje


  1. Hey Noortje!

    Sounds like it's a lot of fun over there :P
    Can't wait to visit sometime!
    But that will have to wait untill I collect some more money T.T

    Anyway! Keep the blogs comming!
    I'm going to post a new Vlog at the end of this week.. any idea if and when you can make one?


  2. Then you just have to work lots :D
    Come tomorrow! xD Or just walk! It's good for ya!


  3. Echt leuk om te lezen :) Ja, sorry, maar je moet ook je Nederlands op peil houden [h] En de emoticons onthouden.. maar dat doe je al xD Ik ga naar je tweede verhaal :P

  4. Ja idd je nederlands moet wel goed blijven! :P Dus antwoord ik lekker eigenwijs in t nederlands (a) ja ik ga ook snel naar je tweede verhaal ik ben echt zoo nieuwsgierig :P Ook naar je foto's enzo

  5. lol jullie mogen ook best in het Nederlands antwoorden hoor xD Vind ik prima :P
    Ooh en jullie moeten vaker online komen xD als ik online ben op msn... is het vaak 's avonds. Maar niet altijd :P
    En internet valt steeds weg..... xD